ROE Powers ROI - The Ultimate Way to Think & Communicate for Ridiculous Results

Business is complicated even in the best of times. We are not in the best of times, and it's more complicated than ever. ROE Powers ROI de-complicates business and provides for clear insight at every level of its organization... starting with the entrepreneur.

As a business owner, consultant, and advisor, Michael has had the advantage of observing both successful and failed business and comparing results from the experience. He brings his own empirical, science-based approach to de-complicate business utilizing the ROE Methodology. Michael's ability to bring clarity to complex business jargon is so powerful that it serves well as a foundational tool to better understand and process business today... starting with ourselves!


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ROE® is a methodology developed to get the right people in the right seats communicating the right way to maximize your business's return on investment.

According to Harvard Business Review "Poor Communication is often a symptom of a different problem."Three distinct roles compose any successful organization, and those roles are determined by "Ways" of thinking and communicating. ROE will help to identify where there is misalignment within your organization and provide you a roadmap on how to create alignment to improve business performance.

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