Are you ready for a breakthrough?


The ROE  program is a journey aimed at getting you to master the implementation of the ROE concepts and tools to your business.

Return On Energy Framework: This is the business framework that empowered me to start and grow Mojo Media Labs, a digital B2B marketing agency into a 3X INC5000, INC Best Workplaces in America, Forbes Small Giants, American Marketing Association Agency of the Year, Diamond HubSpot Agency business that sold for >2x of competitors. BUT, the powerful benefit of the ROE Framework was the impact on me personally. The biggest business owner-trap is doing the work themselves. This robs you of not just your time, but prevents you from working both ON yourself and ON your business. TOO MANY ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAMS FOCUS ON THE BUSINESS AND NOT ON THE ENTREPRENEUR.


1. Part I: ROE Breakthrough LIVE Workshop (90 minutes)

Part I is about YOU. I promise you will have a personal breakthrough on yourself AND your team. Let's start with people. Identify that there are ONLY 3 hats and 3 seats.

  • Stop running the mental triathlon
  • Define your role in a much more clear WAY
  • Apply Return On Energy the minute the course is over for great results.
  • Growing your business begins with growing you! Entrepreneurship is about the owner, not exclusively about the owner's business.
  • “It’s easier to work IN your business than ON yourself.” ROE defines working ON or IN your business, but also emphasizes, ON yourself.

$97 for a personal breakthrough* 


2. Part II: ROE Master Class. (2 Weeks)

Part II is for you and your team. We will go more in depth on the concept and tools of ROE. We will get you and your team on the same page. 

  • Establish more clarity of your business vision and communicate it better with your team.
  • Get the right thinkers in the right seats to maximize your return on investment.
  • The three distinct roles that compose any successful organization, and those roles are determined by Ways of thinking and communicating. A Way is not who you are, but where you are on the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Identify gaps in the Entrepreneur Mindset that might be limiting you and your business from reaching maximum potential.
  • Get clarity on yourself so you can communicate and get better alignment on your business vision. 

 $479 (for your whole team)


3. Part III: On-demand Entrepreneur Training Program (4 weeks)

Here, we will dive into growing your business after we set a foundation of success. 

This is a 6 module course taken over a 6 week period. The LIVE mini-course is a must take prerequisite to register for the master course. Once you complete the master course not only will you receive a certificate of completion, you will never see business the same WAY again! 

  • ROE Framework Review: We will build on your breakthrough experiences from the above ROE Workshop.
  • WAY Hybrids & Halos: Stop running the entrepreneur triathlon! 
  • ROE Loop: Get rich by putting people over profits!
  • ROE HR: Inspire anyone to work for you!
  • ROE Sales & Marketing: Connect the right buyers to the right outcomes for maximum sales & marketing results.
  • ROE vs ROI Executive Leadership Team: Become the best leader you can be so you can reach your maximum potential. 

$1997 *(TheROE Breakthrough Workshop is a prerequisite for the Training Program)


4. Part IV: ROE Coaching Program.

Being a small-business owner and/or entrepreneur can be a lonely (and sometimes frightening) experience, especially when undertaking a new direction, applying new tools, or trying to establish an intentional culture.  Even when you are doing it right there can be a nagging doubt about your performance.  This is where individual coaching can benefit you.  

The first step of the individual coaching program is to create individual development objectives for each participant.  We will then work with each program participant to achieve mastery in the tools, concepts, and frameworks that will help them accomplish their established objectives.  We may recommend weekly or monthly sessions depending on the initial objectives and criticality of your unique situation.

The benefits of individual coaching are:

  • Increased skill in applying the ROE tools, mindset, and frameworks.
  • Enhanced confidence in your ability to lead your company.
  • A safe place to share and refine ideas.
  • A trusted advisor who has been there before.
  • Ability to live a life you love. 

Price is custom depending on the specific needs of your business: Please contact us for details.