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Learning Objectives of an ROE MasterMind

Internal business communication challenges to overcome for business success

Welcome to our Leadership Development MasterMind Program, where we recognize the pivotal role of leaders in shaping both the cultural fabric and financial resilience of organizations. In this program, we offer a unique blend of insights and skills designed to empower leaders to navigate the complexities of company culture while fostering financial literacy.

The 12 month ROE MasterMind program is crafted to equip participants with a deep understanding of the dynamics between leadership, culture, and finance. By delving into the intricacies of company culture, participants will learn to assess, shape, and align cultural values with strategic leadership practices. Simultaneously, our focus on financial literacy ensures leaders can make informed decisions that not only reflect fiscal responsibility but also contribute to a thriving organizational culture.

Through a series of interactive modules, participants will explore topics ranging from cultural assessment and change management to financial acumen and transparent communication. The integration of these skills aims to create leaders who can drive positive cultural change while making sound financial decisions that propel their organizations toward sustained success.

Join us on this transformative journey where leadership excellence, cultural awareness, and financial savvy converge to create a new breed of leaders ready to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern business.

Company Culture:

  1. Culture Assessment:

    • Understand the current company culture and its impact on organizational performance.
    • Identify the elements that contribute to a positive and productive company culture.
  2. Cultural Alignment:

    • Learn strategies to align leadership practices with the desired company culture.
    • Foster behaviors and values that support the company's vision: purpose > mission > values.
  3. Leadership Role in Culture:

    • Recognize the role of leadership in shaping and influencing company culture.
    • Develop skills to lead by example and reinforce desired cultural attributes.
  4. Change Management:

    • Learn techniques for managing and guiding cultural change within the organization.
    • Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with cultural transformation.

Financial Literacy:

  1. Financial Impact on Culture:

    • Explore how financial decisions and strategies impact company culture.
    • Understand the interplay between financial health and the overall well-being of the organization (and yourself!).
  2. Resource Allocation and Cultural Priorities:

    • Integrate financial decision-making with cultural priorities.
    • Allocate resources in a way that supports and reinforces the desired company culture.
  3. Financial Transparency:

    • Emphasize the importance of financial transparency in building trust within the organization.
    • Communicate financial information in a way that aligns with the company's cultural values.
  4. Incentive Systems:

    • Explore how incentive systems can be designed to reinforce positive cultural behaviors.
    • Understand the financial implications of incentive structures on employee motivation and engagement.
  5. Measuring Sustainable Financial Performance:

    • Develop leading and lagging metrics to assess and measure financial performance.
    • Monitor and report on the financial impact of strategic priorities over time.


  1. Leadership Communication:

    • Develop effective communication strategies to convey financial information in a way that aligns with company culture.
    • Communicate the financial implications of decisions to employees in a sensitive manner.
  2. Continuous Improvement:

    • Foster a culture of continuous improvement in both company culture and financial practices.
    • Use feedback and performance metrics to refine leadership approaches.
  3. Measuring Cultural Impact:

    • Establish metrics to measure the impact of leadership decisions on company culture.
    • Continuously evaluate the alignment between financial strategies and cultural goals.

By addressing these learning objectives, the leadership development program can help participants become effective leaders who understand how decisions can shape and be shaped by the unique culture of their organization.

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