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Energizing Leaders:

The Art of Internal Business Communication

Return On Energy‚ĄĘ¬†Leadership Training

Get ready to unlock your leadership's full potential, amplify the clarity of the vision, align the team to the company objectives and revolutionize the WAY you and your team lead and communicate. 

ROE Leadership Training a great supplement to your current learning & development program. 

There are 15 tools in the Return On Energy toolbox. The areas the tools cover are Clarity, Alignment, Communications, People and Results. Your custom lesson plan will be developed from the tools and exercises around the ROE Framework and aligned to the business problem we identify in our workshop planning call. Your ROE Workshop will be designed around the model of 5 Essential Principles of ROE Leadership Coaching.

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Breea Clark, Director, JCPenney Leadership Program at The University of Oklahoma

‚ÄúI am so impressed with Mr. Rose's passion, talent, and willingness to connect to students and community members. His book, ROE Powers ROI, provides an innovative framework for communicating with and motivating employees at all levels in a company, and it inspired my students to think differently about leadership. His keynote presentation was engaging and entertaining, and we are hopeful he will continue to partner with our program on future initiatives, including recruiting our students!‚ÄĚ

Lara Morrow, Director Internal Communications at Stericycle

"Mike is a great entrepreneur and visionary. Mike is such a well rounded guy. He has the perfect balance between analytical/technical and creative/people skills. He can get completely nerdy and talk ROI data all day long and then flip and be the personable, humble guy who you can have a good chat with."

Hussain Manjee, Owner DFD Films

"Mike Rose delivered a very powerful dose of self awareness for our entire team as he presented at our Annual Strategy Meeting. Everybody from our Founder to our "tacticians" were engaged. Mike's ability to help audience members reflect and commit to becoming better communicators is inspirational."

Learning Objectives of an ROE MasterMind